TeachingBOT – Unique Interactive Software for Class III to Class XII

July 20, 2010

Classontheweb, an Online Educational Portal, launches first-of-its-kind interactive software in across the world i.e. TeachingBot for the students of Class III to Class XII. It imparts education like a well educated human tutor. This unique software has state-of-the-art artificial intelligence pedagogical technology or design that offers its students 1 to1 tutoring thereby making a significant difference in learning. The main advantage of this great software is that it is easily available 24/7 over the Internet. Other benefits of  TeachingBot software are:-

Online Lerning

Online Lerning

  • TeachingBot Software of Classontheweb drastically improves the academic performance of a child. It also adjusts his diverse learning style as well as ability of the student.
  • This software also interacts with the students in the natural language format.
  • There is no requirement of any downloads, plugins, CD-ROM installations etc. But you should have an Internet connection and a browser.
  • It also helps in boosting the confidence level of students because it increases the mastery of subject concepts.
  • Furthermore, this is available from anywhere anytime for all students. So it can be easily accessible from anywhere such as Classrooms, home, computer labs, libraries etc.

Classontheweb Introduces AP Board Syllabus

July 14, 2010

Classontheweb, an Online Education Portal, has recently introduced Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for the students of class VI to class X. It provides curriculum based digitized course content which covers main subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology with animations that make their learning easy and fun.  The Andhra Pradesh Board syllabus provided by classontheweb comes enhanced with many useful interactive features along with the instructor guidelines. Students can learn here complex concepts simplified in voice over enabled 2D animations. By visuals, they can easily understand difficult concepts.

AP Board Syllabus

AP Board Syllabus

Furthermore, this Virtual Classroom also offers several features like virtual textbook, virtual lab, worksheet, solved board/sample exam papers, animations, instant reviewing and much more. It also saves student’s time and energy unlike off-line tuitions. The E-Learning solution gives an interesting and easy learning environment. It also allows students to learn at their own pace. Moreover, they can also interact with other students and teachers by using chat, discussion forums etc. Classontheweb not only offers AP Board Syllabus for its students, but it also offers CBSE board syllabus, TN board syllabus to them. So if you want homework help for difficult subjects, you should log on http://www.classontheweb.com.

Some Facts about Online Courses

July 7, 2010

Many of us have many misconceptions about Online Degrees. We want to look for a perfect college for ourselves in order to make our bright future. But it becomes more complicated when we have to choose our colleges. I am providing below some facts about Online Courses.

Myth #1

Online education is much easier than Traditional education

In Online Courses, you have to carry learning responsibility over you. So taking these classes are more difficult than traditional classes. Moreover, you have to utilize your valuable time more wisely in order for understanding the online lectures and presentation provided by the lecturer. For doing so, you have to be well organized for finishing all your tasks.

Myth #2

Online Degrees are Not Perfect for Employment

In today’s fast moving world, every employer wants to hire people who require minimal supervision as well as can still be responsible and organized. By earning Online Degree, you can show that you have all the skills that the employer looking for.

Myth #3

There is no communication between students and teachers

Many of us think that in online classes, we don’t any communication between the students and teachers. But thanks to Internet, we can keep in touch with tutors online through chat, message boxes, Discussion Forums etc.

Myth #4

Only Internet Savvy People can earn an online degree

The websites that offer Online Courses are user-friendly and their instructions can easily followed by the users. If the interface of the website is user-friendly, students can easily visit the electronic libraries or can read E-Books.

Where to Join Online Classes?

July 1, 2010

Do you have great interest in taking Online Classes? If you are looking for an online college, you should select the college as per your Educational Goals and aspirations. Simply put, firstly you have to decide what type of degree you want to. Moreover, you should select well reputed Online Colleges because they provide easy access to professional teaching staffs, industry professionals as well as effective communication and support activities. Furthermore, they also provide 24/7 access to their extensive online course material.

Online Classes

Online Classes

Classontheweb is one of the pioneer Online Educational Portals that imparts education with the help of animations for enabling easy learning of complex concepts of Science, Maths and Social science for class 6th to 12th of TN matriculation. This Virtual Classroom offers career enhancement courses for college students, professional courses for working people and School Programs for students. It also has interactive learning tools for instance, virtual lab, virtual textbook, worksheet, instant reviewing etc. So you can learn at your own pace. With an interesting and easy E Learning environment, you can also get updates of interesting facts on science and technology. If you have any subject related query, you will receive a response from personal tutor within 24 hours.

How to Deal with Stress during CBSE Board Exam Papers?

June 25, 2010

Many of us deal with a lot of stress during CBSE Board Exam papers. As a result, we can’t perform well in the exam. In my opinion, when we feel stress during exams, we should try to know what the reason behind it is. After that, we should try to resolve the problem. There are some techniques that will help you in dealing with stress during CBSE Papers.

CBSE Board Exam

CBSE Board Exam

  • A lot of stresses come from the uncertainty of one’s knowledge and skills. So do work hard before your CBSE Board Exam and make sure that you have done your best and you are well prepared for the exam.
  • Whenever you prepare for the exams, you should include some time for breaks in time table. After studying long hours, your brain will need a short break. In the short break, you can take a walk in the park, take deep breathes, go for jogging to avoid headache.
  • For relaxation, you can also try self meditation. For that, you should sit in a comfortable position and think about the result you would like to accomplish on your tests. You should also take deep breathes and just relax. By doing do, you will feel afresh.
  • During CBSE Board CBSE Papers, one should eliminate all distractions like Twitter, Facebook, Listening music, Chating and so on. Pay attention only on the preparationduring exam time.

E-Learning – A Great Option for Achieving Education

June 14, 2010

In today’s computing and technology age, children have become more tech-savvy as compared to adults. Whether it be the games or technicalities in i-pods and mobiles, children resolve it faster than adults. In other words, the brain of children works faster than any technology. So the traditional educating format may feel bored them quickly. That’s why, a new format of education comes into existence i.e. E-Learning. It basically imparts education through Internet, CD-ROM, streaming videos, audios and so on. These technologies allow the user for enhancing his knowledge with usage of various high technologies.

E learning

E learning

Classontheweb is a premier Online Education that offers superb quality CBSE Board Syllabus for K-12 students. This course content has been specially designed by subject experts who make the process of teaching learning an enjoyable. It provides the user many useful features like virtual textbook, worksheets, virtual lab, personal tutor, sample question papers and much more. Students can also save their time and energy unlike off-line tuitions. They can learn at their own pace. Simply put, Online Learning is the great option for achieving education.

Some Study Strategies for Score Well

June 8, 2010

Almost, every student makes a daily time schedule for his study. But tell me, how many people among them maintain an effective study routine? According to me, only few students get success in maintaining this study routine. For sticking to his time schedule, one has to ask oneself one thing – what do you want from life – a high-flying career or not? A high-flying career can fill your pockets with cash and of course, with cash, you can buy anything for yourself and your dear ones. By adopting study strategies, one is able to absorb one’s study materials much faster than an average person. Always remember that everybody can learn anything in his life. But a successful person has ability to digest information quicker than his competitors.

When you start your study, you should take a few minutes for scanning the main features of text such as title, introduction, headings, summary, images/graphs etc. It will give an idea about the chapter. The best way to study much faster is by turning the heading of section into a question. If you want to know more success tips, you should log on www.classontheweb.com

Why We Don’t Have Same Kind of Hair?

June 3, 2010

Every woman has a dream of having lustrous and healthy hair. Hair catches the attention of everybody. We can completely change our look by changing our hair style. Many of us think why we don’t have same kind of hair. Actually hair is primarily composed of a protein keratin which grows from a sac called the follicle. Hair follicle cells generate keratin and other proteins which become the part of hair shaft. They contain sulphur atoms and when two of these sulphur atoms pair up and bond, they form a disulfide bond. In the same protein, if two sulphur atoms are at a distance and join to form the disulfide bond, the protein will bend. The way protein structures are arranged in each hair shaft effect how hair behaves. The more disulfide bonds that occur between hair proteins, the curlier the hair and vice versa.

Everybody can alter their hair style to force it into a straight state or a curly state with water and heat. But this is only on a temporary basis not permanent. It can be done by breaking the bonds in disulphide chemically. To know more such interesting facts on science and technology, you can find by visiting: www.classontheweb.com

Some Tricks & Techniques For Multiplication

May 25, 2010

Multiplication by 5: Multiply by 10 (just place 0 after the original number) and divide the result by 2.

Multiplication by 6: Sometimes subsequent multiplication by 3 and then 2 is easy.
Multiplication by 9: Multiply by 10 (just place 0 after the original number) and subtract the original number.
Multiplication by 12: Multiply by 10 and add twice the original number.
Multiplication by 13: Multiply by 3 and add 10 times original number.
Multiplication by 14: Multiply by 7 and then multiply by 2
Multiplication by 15: Multiply by 10 and add 5 times the original number, as above.
Multiplication by 16: You can double four times, if you want to. Or you can multiply by 8 and then by 2.
Multiplication by 17: Multiply by 7 and add 10 times original number.
Multiplication by 18: Multiply by 20 and subtract twice the original number (which is obvious from the first step).
Multiplication by 19: Multiply by 20 and subtract the original number.
Multiplication by 24:
Multiply by 8 and then multiply by 3.
Multiplication by 27: Multiply by 30 and subtract 3 times the original number (which is obvious from the first step).
Multiplication by 45: Multiply by 50 and subtract 5 times the original number (which is obvious from the first step).
Multiplication 90: Multiply by 9 (as above) and put a zero on the right.
Multiplication by 98: Multiply by 100 (just place 00 after the original number) and subtract twice the original number.
Multiplication by 99: Multiply by 100 (just place 00 after the original number) and subtract the original number.

If you want to learn more tricks in Maths, please visit: www.classontheweb.com

Never Lose Hope After Getting Board Exam Results !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 24, 2010

Every morning, I like to read newspaper. Now-a-days, many of us are awaiting our board exam results and on the other hand, many of us got our results. After getting the results, some students feel distress about their results and commit suicide due to non-performance in the exams. So we can find many news daily on the first page of the newspapers everyday. In my opinion, one should never loose hope for being successful. By ding hard work, we can good marks in the board exams.

Board Exam Results

Classontheweb, an online educational portal, brings some success tips for you by saying that where there is will, there is a way. These tips will help you to get good marks in the board exams. This online portal also offers digitized course content for CBSE board and TN Board students. So you can learn difficult concepts without any hassles through animations and get good marks in your examinations.